Here’s how Mumbai is emerging as a co-working hub in India

Coworking spaces have witnessed massive growth over the past few years and continue to grow at a steady rate. It is becoming a very beneficial and a preferred trend among budding business individuals and comes with its own list of perks. Coworking in Mumbai is becoming more and more popular, proving that the city is emerging as a well-known co-working hub in India.

Many people in India are now working in a start-up based community and these kinds of spaces are extremely beneficial for them. It helps individuals share ideas and brainstorm, thus creating a productive and positive work environment. According to reports, approximately 2.8 million square feet of flexible space were available in Mumbai as of June 2018.

Read more about Coworking in Mumbai to understand the concept of co-working space.

Growth of co-working spaces in Mumbai:

Mumbai has seen a rise in co-working spaces and is emerging as a co-working hub for various purposes. It is also an ideal location for this sort of development. Mumbai is considered to be India’s financial capital and one of the most expensive real estate in the country as well.

This is one of the main reasons for plenty of such co-working sites to arise

  • Opportunity to interact with like-minded people

Coworking spaces in Mumbai have made it easier for many people to actively engage in their business activities while also being able to interact with like-minded or other individuals who will expose you to various ideas and perspectives on work.

  • Escape from the monotonous lifestyle

The feeling of a monotonous lifestyle also vanishes with this concept. It gives a sense of purpose and accomplishment due to the productive environment in which you are placed.

  • Modern technology and amenities

The modern technology and amenities that can be used by individuals for these co-working spaces also make it an attractive option.

  • Better time allocation

Co-working space gives you the liberty to focus on your individual projects and give you better time management options. These spaces are meant to make you feel less stressed about your workload and provide a better and energetic environment with people who share the same thought process as you.

  • Work in peace

Regardless of the type of relationships you may or may not develop with the people around you in such spaces, even working around strangers in a coworking setup has its own benefits for those individuals who would like to work in peace at their own convenience.

  • Affordable option

As we are all aware of the fact that Mumbai is a very expensive city when it comes to real estate. Buying or renting an entire workspace can burn a hole in your pocket. Opting for co-working spaces will save your funds and you will also receive world-class amenities in it.

Coworking in Mumbai:

From all the above-mentioned points, it becomes crystal clear as to why coworking spaces are gaining so much popularity in India, particularly in Mumbai. The location, nature of people, business ventures, real estate scenario, economic scenario, etc. all make it a very suitable spot for Mumbai to emerge as a co-working hub.


Coworking clearly has many advantages and Mumbai, also besides, offers a lot of perks for creating such an environment. The nation is counting on the growth of businesses and ideas and such spaces prove to be bringing us a step closer to success.

How to Successfully Pass Your Upcoming Drug Test

Nowadays, it is not that weird to find out your co-worker, your friend or relative has been using marihuana. It may come as a shock to you, but it is a common thing. Many countries worldwide have been legalizing pot. Some legalize it only for medicinal purposes, others even legalize its recreational use. However, some employers may not accept the fact that their employees use these substances. So, they may test them for drugs in their system. Tests can be done before employment. These are the most common. People can get tested even during work.

There are many types of tests for employers to see if you are using. The most frequent are urine, blood, saliva, and hair testing. For a drug user, it may be quite problematic to get a steady job. With tests, it can get trickier for them to keep a job. So, they get creative in finding ways how to pass their drug tests successfully. Today, there are a lot of products and methods that help you in clearing your body of toxins. You just have to find the right one. If you want to read more about this, you should click here

Urine Drug Test

This type of test is believed to be done the most often. Various drugs can be detected in your urine. They are amphetamines, cocaine, opioids, marihuana, PCP, and alcohol. Even nicotine can be detected.

Nevertheless, you should know that there are so many factors that can affect the test. You body mass, hydration level, how long ago you took the drug, and how often you use are some of them. If a person is a heavy and frequent user, it will be harder for them to clear their body from the toxins.

Before taking a urine test, your employer and tester should know if you are taking some medications. Whether they are herbal, prescription, or over – the – counter medications, you should tell them. Even if you are using marihuana for medicinal purposes, you should mention this. Waiting for the results can be quite stressful. Some results come the same day, others may take a few days. It all depends on the method of testing.

If you are wondering how to clear a drug test, you should stop using first. There are natural ways to detox. You should remember to drink more water. Alcohol and coffee are not recommended. You should drink more natural juices. Many tablets and drinks help you to detox your body. There are a lot of companies that make these products. You just have to get online and look for the perfect product for you.

Saliva Test

This kind of test has been growing in popularity. The majority of people who have to take drug tests often feel embarrassed. Giving your urine can be quite demeaning. That is why saliva testing is preferred. However, there are divided opinions on how accurate the results are. Some say that if you have smoked pot just before the drug test, you are in danger of failing the test. Otherwise, it is not that reliable.

It is the best option when the employer wants to find out if their employees have been using recently. The results can come back positive even if you have used something before coming to work. A urine test can miss this because it takes a while for the toxins to enter the bloodstream and then the urine. With saliva tests, the employer is less invasive, and the results can come back in just a few minutes.

Blood Test

Blood testing is thought to be the most expensive type of test. Also, a lot of people get squeamish at the sight of blood and are likely to faint. It is undoubtedly quite invasive, but it shows the most accurate results. It shows the presence of the substance and toxins in your system at that particular moment. It is mostly done when people are applying for insurance, applying for specific jobs, or even in some court procedures. Employers rarely do these tests because of their cost, invasiveness, and required equipment. It can take a while for the results to come back.

Blood has a short detection time. So, if you have used anything, it will quickly pass from the blood. All you have to do to pass a blood test is to stop using. To ensure success, you can go for a healthier diet, drinking lots of fluids, and exercising. That way, your body will quickly flush out the toxins. You could also buy some drinks or tablets to detox faster.

Hair Test

A hair follicle test is mostly used to determine longer use of specific drugs. It can show data of use from 90 days. It does not show any recent intake because it takes a while for the drugs to be processed in the skin. It can even detect ecstasy, eve, opiates, and PCP. However, you can’t do this test if you want to test for alcohol.

It is essential to know that some factors play a crucial role in the results. The amount of melanin, the coloring of the hair, and how much a person sweats are some of the most important. They can influence the results. Also, the components of the drug and how often the person uses are noteworthy factors. Some people with no hair may think they can’t get tested this way. Nevertheless, hair from your armpits may be used in cases like this.

The best way to prepare for a hair test would be to buy a special detox shampoo. Many companies have such products. Once you receive the notice of the test, buy it immediately and start using it as soon as possible. It is recommended for you to use it 15 times in total before the test. You should put a generous amount of the shampoo on your hair. Make sure it stays for 10 – 15 minutes to ensure the best results.

Management Consulting Industry: Important Trends and Global Outlook

Management consulting is the process of providing consultation for business and process management to the companies. Business organizations may opt for the services of management consultants for a number of objectives such as following and implementing industry best practices, change management activities, process analysis, strategy development, technology implementation, and operational improvement services. Management consultancies or consultants can be engaged proactively without any strict need. Proactive use of a management consultant’s services can include finding the hidden weak spots and improving productivity. In comparison, the reactive use of a consultant’s services usually includes identifying the pain points and solving problems within the processes.

Management Consulting Industry – Important Trends:

Since the global management consulting industry directly caters to a vast majority of industries from different domains, the industry trends are influenced by the shifts in the other industries.

  • Growth Trends: Operational efficiency, regulatory compliances, and technological advancements can be considered the growth drivers for the industry. Enterprises put their best efforts in reducing costs and increasing their operational efficiency. They intend to save costs on the one hand and transfer it to the consumers as a method of maintaining a competitive stand. Both multinational and domestic enterprises are also seeking advice on advanced technology skill sets such as AI, Agile Best Practices, and Analytics. Both the consulting service providers and businesses are becoming more consumer-centric and they are focusing on designing a better user experience, data-analytics, and sharp consumer engagement strategies for an increased demand for transformation consulting.

Similarly, several regulatory compliances and changing economic scenario among developed economies such as the U.S. Reform, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and BREXIT have triggered the demand for consulting services across every global industry. Multinational companies seek high-value advice for coping-up with the regulation that will ultimately increase the demand for management consulting services.

  • Challenging Trends: The global management consulting industry is also witnessing freelance service providers that are expanding the freelancer segment within the industry. The segment is also expected to affect the demand for traditional consulting services and service providers. In addition, larger enterprises that work on a global level are also establishing in-house consultation departments and groups that usually have former consultants and veteran experts. This is going to become a new trend as the in-house teams solely dedicate their time and efforts for the company issues.

Management Consulting Industry – Global Outlook:

The global management consulting industry is growing at a CAGR of approximately 4-5 percent and it is expected to attain a market value of $285 billion by the end of 2019. Network-based consulting and crowd-sourcing are some new business models in the industry adopted by companies such as Wikistrat, Business Talent Group, and Hourly Nerd. On a global level, North America and Europe can be considered highly mature markets as they contribute three-fourth of the total global revenue. A major reason for that is the high supplier capabilities that can cater to the complex client requirements. On the contrary, the APAC region accounts for a relatively lesser market value due to low market maturity and low service provider capability.

The global management industry is huge and it caters to almost every industry. However, some changes are causing disruptions in the industry that can slightly shift the growth curve in a different direction.

Success and Business is the Goal for Many

There are some important steps to take, in the business world, if success is the ultimate goal. The first item, on a business agenda, is to stay focused and keep organized. Step two is to find a way to keep very detailed records. Step three will be to hire employees who will know how to provide exceptional service to all prospective customers. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your competition in order to keep up with current trends. The successful business will stand out from others. It is wise to add creativity to the entire mix. Success and business is possible when a few good steps are taken during the planning process. Organization and good planning can add up to success in business.

Much to Know About Success and Business

Every successful business person knows that success does not come without some sacrifices. Sometimes, trial and error proves to be very useful to a business owner. Success is not always going to be smooth and uneventful. If a business is going to fly high, it may be a bumpy flight along the way. Instant success is unrealistic. Good reputations must be earned, customer satisfaction leads to good reputations. Good business plans include reputation management. Good time management and success go together well in business. Any surety bonds Glendale AZ come with information about the money requirements and good rates within the world of business. It ought to be known, it does take money to actually make money. There is much to know about success and business. Ongoing education is very beneficial in business.

The Small Business Enjoys Many Rewards Too

Success can come to the small business when good practices, high standards and organization is all in place. Keep in mind, rewards come in different shapes and sizes. Money is not the only reward. A business owner can enjoy of life of satisfaction by operating a small and successful business. It depends on how the business chooses to define success. Wonderful relationships can be built in any size business. This can be community relationships and so much more. Even the small business can enjoy many rewards. Success is in the eye of the business, itself.

Adding Extra Flavor to a Business Success Story

History has shown the world some extraordinary and highly successful businesses all through time. Most of the stand-out businesses had added a few extra ingredients to their business in order to have a flavorful and successful business operation. The satisfied business owner follows their very own passion. When everyone in a business is happy doing their work, it adds extra tasty flavors to the entire business. Happy people add up to success in many grand ways within business. Keep in mind, most happy people will work on the business as opposed to working in it. Every business can have their own success story once they have defined the type of success goals they desire. There are many added flavors in every successful business.

Recharging Metro Card is becoming easier than ever

Are you a frequent Metro traveler? If yes, it is important that you get a metro recharge card that helps you save a lot of time and effort.  When you are in a great hurry to reach your office, college or an office meeting, you have to catch metro without losing any time. But, if you have to stand in long queues waiting to buy a token or get your Mobile card recharged, it is going to take a lot of time and effort. You can save a lot of time by getting a metro recharge card. Now not only getting this card has become so easy but recharging it from time to time has also become simpler than ever.

Use the high-end app for Metro Recharge

First and foremost you need to buy a Metro Card. It is easily available at every metro station. Once you have bought a metro card, traveling in a metro becomes easier and convenient. Now, you will not have to wait to buy a token at the Metro Station long winding queues. You can easily avoid the hustle and bustle of the morning rush hours and board a metro train immediately without losing time.

If you already have a metro card, you can recharge it very simply. Just download an app that offers Metro recharge feature. With just a few easy clicks, you can recharge your card in no time. This can be done even while on the go.

Best Recharge Solutions for Metro Card Users

If your metro card balance is low and you need to recharge it immediately, you need to follow just a few simple steps. First of all, avoid the thought of standing in a queue because that is not required. Use your smartphone and open the app that can help you recharge the card.

If you are wondering how to recharge your smart card, allow us to help you with some simple instructions.

Log in or open the app downloaded on your smartphone or other equivalent devices.

Your Metro Card must be having a unique number at its back. Enter this number and fill up the amount you want to recharge. Next, you need to visit any nearest metro card and find the Add Value Machine or AVM. Show the smart card on AVM and press the button to add value. As soon as it is pressed, your chosen balance is immediately added to the card. See, it is so easy and a great time and effort saver. The whole process is completed in a matter of minutes. Moreover, when you are getting metro recharge done, you get to enjoy a lot of deals and cashback offers. The payment gateway at these apps is totally safe and secure and you can use any of the options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and more. As soon as payment is done, a text message will be received by you to confirm payment. Thus, save your precious time and get metro recharge done very easily.…

Is Cryptocurrency the future of the internet?

Almost everyone that looks at cryptocurrencies only sees the financial gains they are able to make if they invest.

Behind this, though is a lot more going on that will affect everyone in the future. Crypto’s are a hot topic, and though they have their ups and downs in value, a significant number of people are looking to buy cryptocurrency with investment being their motive.

The FOMO affect spreads like wildfire, and this can change the value of digital cash. When the prices are overinflated, and there is a dip. These investors panic and sell which then turns into a cryptocurrency crash.

Cryptocurrencies moving forward

If investors spent a little more time doing homework into a cryptocurrency investment, they might choose an alternative than the current market leaders.

It is true they have risen in value by momentous proportions though this is not a real reflection of the coins value to a user.

For long-term stability, a crypto has to resolve flaws which exist, and for coins to survive that have these flaws they have to do something.

Bitcoin had a fork which resulted in some flaws being fixed though how many times can a currency have forks when they have problems.


This is one of the first coins which brings decentralization apart from only digital cash. Spare computing resources can be allocated by anyone who wishes to run a node on the decentralized network.

These host nodes serve up content while being paid for this service and all users are able to become a host. This helps to form a decentralized internet without the use of additional software on any systems.

Substratum comes with 2 decimal places for any payment transactions, so payments made or received will appear similar to spending and receiver’s dollars and cents.

Ease of use has been a focus of this team, and their take on decentralizing the web might benefit everyone.

As well as hosting services or providing storage solutions as some crypto’s technologies offer payments for anything have to be easy to use and accessible for users who can’t hold a bank account.

Stellar has looked at payment systems and is set to make inroads into the way banking is performed.

Mobile money, global remittances, and any other transaction can benefit from Stellar. This network has servers placed globally where the public ledger is stored and updated when operations take place.

Now users can send oversea transactions from their cell phone to a family member in a matter of seconds without having to find a remittance center and pay a fee.

Net Neutrality

This is no more so the largest ISP’s around the world are free to throttle or restrict access to anywhere they wish.

There are also countries that limit what content users are able to access. To get around this net neutrality at present, VPN services are a must though this becomes harder as many countries are slowly blocking their usage.

As time goes on the internet could appear to become smaller while rates for access are increased and if an ISP decides to impose a tariff on a company they might charge for access to their site. If any of this happens, the internet will suffer from a lack of innovation and growth.

One coin aims to address all of these problems with their currency and their underlying mesh network. SKY doesn’t just sit on top of Skywire a new mesh-network that offers speed, security, and transactions.

SKY and Skywire-mesh are firmly interwound, though they are able to operate interdependently to each other.

This mesh doesn’t have servers which sit in large corporate buildings. The users themselves host all the network needs to operate. Internet connections are closer and faster as the content is passed from multiple sources.

Each node works in a peer-to-peer manner for serving services and to provide data redundancy and network protection.

SKY has no coin mining so transactions are free and node miners are paid for their hosting contributions.

Users are also free from any Geolocation restrictions as the nodes are in place to bypass the monopolistic ISP’s regardless of what country they reside.

The entire Skywire mesh-network operates like one VPN service, so there is no fear of surveillance.

Your data is under your control, and very private with no chance of your information being used for anthers benefit without your knowledge.

Skywire decentralizes the network and takes control away from any one entity that might wish to manipulate it.

A web of trust is created which is all a part of a “New Internet.” it might be that the Skycoin cryptocurrency changes the future of the internet as we know it.

Finding A Job In A Competitive Market

With many of the highest-paying jobs becoming more competitive than ever, it can be hard to get the job role you’re looking for without having recommendations. If you’ve been spending time just going to college or working unrelated jobs however, you might find it difficult to get the recommendations you need. Many job seekers in this position have gone on to contact a recruitment agency George Town CI that will take those that come in and vouch for them to companies that are currently looking for workers, usually, after you are tested and interviewed by the recruitment agency. Consider getting help and working on ways in which you can get more job roles for these industries.


Programmers have been highly looked for since the boom of the tech industry, but only in the past few years has it become competitive when it comes to going for job roles. A good way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to make sure you have a great portfolio. Many of those getting job roles in programming only have their college degree and whatever they worked on during their classes, so a good way to help out your portfolio is to work on projects all of the time. These projects can be programs that you are making for yourself, or simply contributing to an open-source program. Additionally, consider going to programming meetups in your area. You’ll be able to talk to developers around you to get an idea of what looks good on your resume depending on what they are working on, plus you can talk to those who are leading companies that are looking for programmers. Take into consideration all of this advice if you’re looking for a job in programming.

Data Entry

Many recruitment agencies also look for those who can do data entry. This usually entails taking documents that are already in paper form and re-writing them so they can be in a digital format. While companies typically don’t need past jobs on your resume to do data entry, it’s recommended that you look into gaining a few computer skills before applying for these jobs. You’ll first want to work on your typing by making sure that you can type fast enough while still being accurate. Additionally, work on your skills with office software as that’s what you’re are most likely using your entire time working. Look into data entry if you want a job that is easier to get into as a beginner.


As the job market potentially gets harder to break into, make sure that you are always polishing up on your skills. This means potentially taking different programs and doing work outside of your regular job so that you can keep moving on to bigger roles and different companies. Make sure that you are always on good terms as well with those you work with as you’ll want them to be references for you in the future.…