4 Business Types You Must Know

Business, not just do the buying and selling is done. It takes courage to start doing business. Business types is 4 (four). Business Stubs, Business Opportunity, Franchise, and Autopilot. The four types of business have advantages and disadvantages of each. By following the article below to complete, then you will know the business that has or will you wake up including which type of business.

Business Types

4 Business Types

1. Business Stubs

Business stubs are all businesses you start from scratch. The risk and busyness is greater, but the return (return) is also greater. This type of business is the most widely used by the people of Indonesia.

2. Bussiness Opportunity

With BO (bussiness opportunity) you get the ease of brand, knowledge and equipment from the center. So you are easier in the initial preparation in opening a business. BO is a breakthrough business for beginners with low risk / small but have a decent profit. The most used BO around you is BO for Donuts.

3. Franchise

With the franchise you will get the brand, the system from the center. Support from the center is done continuously (because you pay royalty to the center also continuously). The role of the center is proportional to royalty. For example the royalty for the center of 1%, then the central role is also 1%.

Examples of businesses that are managed with franchise business types such as McDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks Coffee etc.

4. Autopilot

All managed center. In general, the center is responsible. Which includes the type of business autopilot is 7eleven, etc. Return for you is not too big, because you also do not work.

For the type of business, the business opportunity and the type of franchise business all the risks and consequences you bear, including the risk of profit and loss. Because basically your business manage yourself. If you could profit billions, it is your right. So also if loss. But for most ordinary people, if the loser is the center of the blame.

Does it mean there’s no difference between business type and franchise? Take a look!


– Small capital, can start from 1.5 million
– Just run by buying and selling broke up
– Brand / name already exists, it’s up to you for use it or not
– Promotion is there but not absolute
– Can be independent
– The success rate is greater
– Development is more free


– Large capital, starting from 100 million
– Absolute business format followed
– Brand / name already exists, must be followed.
– Absolute promotion exists
– Can not be independent, all determined by Franchisor
– The success rate is greater.
– Business development is determined by Franchisor

Most of the people who take the business type BO (Business Opportunity) expect to run like a franchise. For those who take the franchise hopes it will run like an autopilot. Understand the differences between the four types of business.

So, which business type is best for you? Choose according to your readiness and character. None of the business types are “the best”. Everything is a plus minus. If your business has not started yet, then you should be able to decide which business type you will take.

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Profitable Small Business You can do from Home

A lucrative small capital business !!! What comes to mind in us is the effort that we run to supplement the main income. Relying on basic salary as employees every month makes us dizzy themselves. Not to mention the increasing needs of the day. So why do not you want to try to increase your income through side work. Starting a business does not need large scale let alone you as a beginner. The important future is quite profitable and can supplement your income. Here I will try to share examples of side business and fixed business profitable with small capital.


1.- Phone credit

Human need for phone credit nowadays I do not think you should ask again even you are one of the active phone credit users.

2.- Realtor and property

The advantage of being a broker I think is quite high. Staying longer to sell or offer in the form of land or property lease is not an easy job. You are required to work more extra and build a wider relationship. Profit received into a realtor in the form of fee. Usually the fee you receive in the form of sale and lease is about 3% from 1M. While for rent and sale above 1M you will receive a fee of 2.5%. I think the profit is quite tempting.

3.- Paint

The most fun work is when we get paid with the hobby we work on. If you have a hobby to paint it is a plus for you because in addition you can channel the hobby can also bring a purse of rupiah that is not small. The key to success to run this business is often follow the exhibition and attention to detail the results of the painting so that you get new ideas.

4.- Online shop business

In the past I also write an online shop is a promising small business capital opportunity, now I recommend again for you want to find a suitable business idea to run. Online shop or online store is very interesting tuk run because the offered is not limited in either the form of goods or services.

5.- Reseller

Reseller working system is not much different from the online shop, if the online shop of goods that we offer is our own while the reseller is someone else (party supplies). Being a reseller is not a complicated job you live advertise in various free media like the web that provides advertising free. The advantage of becoming a reseller is generally a percentage (%), depending on your initial agreement on the supplies.

6.- Freelance writer

Write blog or web content now booming online now. Quite a lot of bloggers who do not have much time managing its web. Then they decide to buy content or articles to other parties. We recommend this opportunity you can catch as a profitable business without disrupting your main job. Why? Because you can do it at night.

7.- Language translator

Indeed from the first until now the google inc has provided translation of several languages ​​but the results of the google translation is still ambiguous and irregular both in terms of vocabulary and sentence arrangement. If you have the skills to translate a foreign language into Indonesian or vice versa it is one advantage for you because not many are able as a translator.

8.- Teacher tutoring

being a tutor does not differ much from the same language translator in the same field of science. If you can not afford to go to high school you can teach for elementary school as well as for kindergarten.

9.- Publisher advertising

On each site especially about side business opportunities you may find this word, because publisher advertising from the past until now is the choice of many people. The advantage of publisher advertising is in the form of PPC payment per click, every visitor who clicks the ads you publish will be paid to you. For the amount per click it depends on the ad.

10.- Graphic design services.

Graphic design services one of the small capital business opportunities that are easy to do. Both for office workers and a student. To be a reliable graphic designer you need to learn and often search for new ideas for ideas designed. Not a few people choose graphic design services as a job to increase the main income.…

Business loan, Start Ups and Angel Tax

India has one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystems in the world. And the recent government initiatives like Make in India, Startup India and schemes of small business loans are giving it a further boost.

Such business loan schemes and promotional campaigns are having a positive impact on angel investors in India and around the world who are increasingly investing in startups in India. An angel investor is a person who provides capital to startups in exchange for convertible debt or ownership for equity in the startup.

Until recently, startups in India had to face a big issue of Angel tax, which was introduced in 2012. Angel tax is the income tax levied on the capital raised by companies which are unlisted, through issuing of shares via off-market transactions.

The uniqueness about this tax is that it is levied if the angel investor is an Indian citizen. Along with that, the tax is applicable if the share price of issued shares is more than the company’s fair market value. The excess value is considered as income and deemed taxable.

Angel tax was introduced under the Finance Act, 2012 to combat money laundering through small companies. However, it was having a negative impact on the startup ecosystem.

To stop this negative impact on the startups in India, the government has given certain concessions like the entity will be deemed startup for 10 years up from 7 years. In addition to that, the upper-limit tax exemption for startups turnover is increased to Rs.100 crore up from Rs. 25 crore.

Exemptions on investments made by domestic investors on startups will only be given if it meets the below-listed criteria’s:

  • After the shares are issued, the paid-up capital complete with a share premium of the startup should not be more than Rs. 10 crore
  • The startups fair market value must be certified by a Merchant Banker
  • An investor net worth should be Rs. 2 crore
  • The average income of the investor in the last 3 financial years should be Rs. 50 Lakh or more

As of now, a startup has to simply put a request for angel tax exemption to the DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion), with the required documents.

At present, the angel tax rate is 30.9% on the net investment which is more than fair market value of the business entity. So if a startup with a fair market value of Rs. 15 crore get an investment of Rs. 25 crore, by issuing 1 Lakh shares of Rs. 2,500 each, it will have to pay the Angel Tax amounting to a whopping Rs. 3.09 crore, on the excess Rs. 10 crore.

Government loan schemes for women entrepreneurs

With the Indian economy growing at a faster pace, a vast number of women have started entering the workforce. Not just that they are increasingly becoming job creator thanks to women’s entry into entrepreneurship.

Even the governments, whether central or state have started encouraging women to become entrepreneurs by providing them with small business loans. These business loan for new business, especially for women, will help them to enter the formal sector of the economy and become financially independent.

In order to facilitate and empower women in setting up their own business, central and state governments have launched various schemes of business loan in the last few years.

Here is a list of some schemes below:

Mudra Yojana

Mudra Yojana provides small business loans from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10 lakh to non-cooperate, non-farm small/micro-enterprises. Mudra loans can be given by commercial banks, regional rural banks and non-banking financial institutions.

Mudra loans have a special focus on female entrepreneurs who want to set up small businesses like a beauty parlor, tailoring shop, etc. Under Mudra loans, a women entrepreneur does not need to provide collaterals for security and the loan can be applied online.

Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme

If any female entrepreneur wants to avail a business loan for setting up her business, they can avail the Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme. It comes under the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI).

Under this scheme, a female entrepreneur can get loans of up to Rs. 10 lakh for a new or existing business. Interest rates may vary as per the government policies.

Stree Shakti Package

In order to avail this scheme, the women must have more than 50 % share in the business. A women entrepreneur can get up to Rs.20 Lakh under this scheme and if the loan amount taken for the small sectoral unit is below Rs.5 lakh than no security is taken.

TREAD scheme

Under Trade related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development (TREAD) scheme which come under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, the government provides women entrepreneurs with finance and training.

Under this scheme, the government covers 30% of the total cost, while lending institutions will give the rest 70%. Apart from that, the government will also provide training to women entrepreneurs through an NGO and cost will be borne by the government.

Bhartiya Mahila Business Bank Loan

This scheme was launched through Bhartiya Mahila bank, especially for women entrepreneurs. The maximum loan amount that can be applied under this scheme is Rs.20 crore for manufacturing enterprises and loans up to Rs.1 crore will be collateral-free.

This business loan has the maximum repayment tenure of 7 years as of now.

Udyogini scheme

This scheme is applicable for those women who engaged in agriculture and other small business. Under this scheme, small business loans are provided to women who otherwise have to depend on money lenders.

A loan amount of up to is Rs. 1 lakh is provided under this scheme, but the amount can vary depending on the state governments. The scheme is applicable to the household of a female applicant whose annual income is less than Rs. 1 lakh.

Apart from the above list, there are various other government loan schemes for women entrepreneurs that can be taken through banks and financial institutions.

Armagh Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Approval Advice

There is no doubt that your mortgage advisor has a lot of value when you consider that most people just jump into the loan when they see some low prices or dropping interest rates. This, later on, becomes a huge problem, when they realize they can’t handle paying for the property. In many cases, you won’t even get it because of your credit score or other factors. Gather information from advisors or Armagh mortgage brokers that can help you out because at some point you will need one.

It can be very stressful when you are in a hurry to get a property because you might get denied a few times or you might have less money than needed. There are a few things you need to do before you even look for a new home including paying off your debt and making a budget. You will need to find ways to improve your credit score to be able to get a loan for any property you like.

Credit Score

The problem starts with a lack of information people have like not knowing that it takes a couple of minutes to get your credit report and find out what your credit score is. Some people that know this won’t even look at their credit history and they will submit a loan application thinking they will qualify. Checking it out is the first step you need to do in order to plan to buy something in the near future.

A number one thing that impacts mortgage approvals is the credit score. Most lenders will request it to be around 680 so if you have a lower score you will be denied for a conventional loan. That isn’t the only thing that can impact approval. If you didn’t make a few payments on the loans you have or you are frequently late, you might not get it. You need to lower your debts and pay bills on time to clean up your credit history before applying. Read more on this website.

Save Money

Requirements change from time to time and you might need to have cash in order to apply for the credit. When the lender sees that you don’t have cash up front, your request can easily get rejected. Depending on the lender and the loan, the down payment minimum will vary. The lender is the one who makes the criteria for it and an average is at least 3.5%.

When the down payment is higher, around 20%, it will be easier for you in the long run because it alleviates private mortgage insurance. It means that your payments will be lower when you get rid of PMI. A down payment isn’t the only expense that you need to think about. You’ll also have application fees, credit report fees, title searches, home appraisals, home inspections and other expenses.

Get more information here: https://www.moneyunder30.com/save-downpayment-house

Don’t Quit Your Job

It also happens that people quit working before they close the deal and in the end, they didn’t get to close it because of it. You can lose many great deals this way thinking that you will find a job in the area you are going to but that isn’t the choice you want to make. While you are in the process of buying the house, stick with your job.

The overall process can be stopped when they find changes in the status of your income. They will determine if you will get the loan based on the information they have in the application. Getting a lower-paying job will also impact the decision. You need to have a job so it will be more convincing that you will pay it off.

Avoid New Debt and Pay Down Debt

It isn’t so complicated to get a loan, but the less you owe the better the chances. Lenders will check your debt-to-income ratio when trying to approve the mortgage. In most situations, your debt payments shouldn’t exceed 35% of your monthly incomes. When you pay everything off before applying for a new one, you will also get a better rate. Lenders will recheck your credit because you might get into another debt a day before closing. Any major purchases should be made after closing the deal.…

9 Tips to Reduce Your Two Wheeler Insurance Premium

It is mandatory for every vehicle owner to purchase at least a third party liability only insurance policy for their two wheelers. Or they can purchase a more comprehensive insurance plan that will provide enhanced coverage for themselves, their co passengers, and their vehicle. Following are the few tips to help you reduce your insurance premium without compromising on the type of coverage.

Avoid making small claims

Motor insurance companies offer a no claim bonus to policyholders who don’t make any claims during a given policy year. No claim bonus plays a significant role in reducing your premium payable for the following policy year. Make sure to avoid making any small insurance claims during the policy year in order to keep the no claim active.

Choose the right coverage type

While purchasing a two wheeler insurance plan, one can opt for a third party liability only cover, a comprehensive insurance plan, or a long term policy. Always make sure to assess your needs and premium payment capacity before purchasing an insurance plan. If you ride your vehicle often, then you can go with a comprehensive or long term insurance plan. And if you use your two wheeler very minimally, you can opt for a third party liability insurance policy and save on the premium.

Purchase add ons wisely

Motor insurance companies allow you to purchase add ons to increase the protection accorded by the base insurance plan. Certain add ons include a Personal Accident Cover for the pillion rider, Roadside Assistance Cover, No Claim Bonus Retention Cover etc. Make sure to only purchase the add ons that you really require.

Opt for a long policy tenure

Two wheeler insurance plans can be purchased for a longer tenure. You can opt for a policy tenure of 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years. Opting for a long policy tenure helps you to save on the premium amount as it remains locked for the duration of the policy tenure.

Opt for deductibles

The deductible amount is fixed by the insurance company. Higher voluntary deductible reduces your premium payable and vice versa. However, you need to ensure that you have the necessary funds to pay for your part of the claim amount before opting for a high voluntary deductible.

Renew your policy on time

As a policyholder, you need to remember to renew your two wheeler insurance plan before the completion of the policy tenure. Missing out on two wheeler insurance renewal within the completion of the grace period could lead to termination of your insurance cover and loss of your accrued benefits. Thus, make sure to set up an online policy renewal reminder.

Compare insurance plans
Before purchasing an insurance plan, always compare various insurance plans. While comparing policies always read through the policy features, benefits, claims procedure, incurred claim ratio of the company, premium payment channels, etc. You can evaluate premium quotes on the insurer’s website using a two wheeler insurance premium calculator and proceed with a plan that provides you with adequate coverage at a competitive price.

Travel Insurance & Its Numerous Advantages

Travellers always spend a lot of time and effort planning the perfect vacations, but they often neglect the importance of getting a good travel insurance policy. There is no sure way to control unfortunate incidents while travelling in a strange land. Thus, travellers are more vulnerable to illnesses and accidents while travelling abroad. While travelling with family members, always make sure to buy family travel insurance to be safe and protected against any unforeseen occurences.

Travel insurance covers the loss of the passport or baggage, sudden illnesses or accidents requiring hospitalization, theft as well as natural calamities. It also covers the cost of an extended stay in case you miss your flight due to an accident.

Travel insurance policy provides a wide range of benefits to travellers. Firstly, it offers coverage for medical expenses that are incurred because of accidents and illnesses. Medical treatment is very costly in some countries, and without travel insurance, it will greatly affect the savings of a tourist. Thus, with travel medical insurance, you can get reimbursement for the total amount of cost that you spend on medical treatment.

The above situations reveal the undeniable importance of travel insurance and how travel insurance can be your savior during tough times. Plans such as student travel insurance, family travel plans provide a more customized policy for your needs.

Let us take look at more advantages of travel insurance:

Multiple problems, one solution

From simple to complex issues, travel insurance offers comprehensive international cover. One can remain prepared for any eventuality with a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance covers you for several situations, from stolen passports to emergency evacuation on medical grounds. Thus, allowing you to enjoy your trip without any worries.

Cover for Trip Cancellation or Interruption

Due to any interruption or cancellation of your trip, you can get protected against the monetary loss to a certain extent because of the insurance plan. International travel insurance coverage helps you by paying back the expenses you face in the form of financial penalties or related to flight plans.

Medical Coverage

Always buy travel insurance for senior citizens, as they are prone to illnesses due to the inability to adapt to the changing climate. Medical travel insurance provides medical coverage on an international level. It includes hospitalization expenses for medical evacuation. You can ask for repayment from your insurance company by showing the bills, in case you visit a doctor and pay the expenses from your pocket. Be clear regarding your policy coverage to make the right financial investment.

Even your baggage is insured

Even the simplest of issues, such as the misplacement of baggage or delay in arrival are covered under your travel insurance policy.

Why Buy Travel Insurance Online?

Instant Booking

When time is a limitation, online purchase is the best and quickest option. You can compare the premiums of the various plans and buy the best travel insurance plan suitable for your needs.

Hassle Free Registration

Buying travel insurance online is a very easy procedure and less time-consuming. You can effortlessly buy an insurance plan for you. In addition, you do not have to fill in any paperwork or get documents Xeroxed.

Flexible Payment Options

You can make the payment through net banking by using your credit or debit card. You can also choose the EMI option to pay for the policy.

With an adequate travel insurance cover, you can make your well-planned holiday enjoyable and risk-free.…

Did You Know There’s An Optimal Time To Buy Travel Insurance?

Time plays a major role while making a decision about purchasing travel insurance. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase travel insurance at the time you book your trip or very soon after. This is vital because travel insurance policies include time-sensitive provisions, which can broaden your coverage if you purchase the insurance very early during your travel plans.

It is always said that one must buy travel insurance plan as soon as all the bookings are made. Some people buy travel insurance right before leaving for the trip. They do not prefer buying it after booking their flights and accommodation.

Let us explore the correct time to buy travel insurance:

The most vital thing you need to keep in mind is that travel insurance is essential for any expedition. It is advisable to buy travel insurance as soon as you make the bookings and pay for your awaiting vacation, especially if your trip is non-refundable. You might think about buying travel insurance at the last moment. However, the earlier you book travel insurance, the sooner you are covered. Also, choose a plan which is more suitable for you and everyone travelling with you. Opt for a individual cover if you are travelling solo, family travel insurance if its with your loved ones and travel insurance for senior citizens if your grandparents are tagging along.

Core Benefits of Booking Travel Insurance in Advance:

Cancellation Protection

The main reasons for making claims are trip curtailments and trip cancellation. Buying travel insurance in advance helps you to take advantage of the cancellation inclusion in your policy. However, never forget that the insurance company will not permit you to claim for the event that has already occurred.

Medical Protection

Travel insurance provides coverage in case you fall sick or face any injury while enjoying your trip. What if you fall sick before leaving for your awaiting vacation?

So before buying a family or individual travel insurance, make sure you covered yourself for any unforeseen sickness occurring from the time of buying a travel insurance plan.

Tell the insurance company if you have any pre-existing illness while buying a travel insurance policy, in order to determine if your policy covers them or you will have to pay extra cost for it.

Tailor-made Travel Insurance Cover

Buying travel insurance early offers you to adjust to your travel plan to best suit your vacation needs. You can add or the edit the inclusions of your insurance plan and end up with an insurance policy, which works perfectly for you.

Buying at the last-minute

Many people prefer purchasing travel insurance and end up buying it just before leaving for the trip. It is recommended to avoid buying travel insurance at the last moment. The biggest drawback is you get deprived of a number of benefits of your travel plan that you were allowed to.

Always make it a habit to understand the finer details of your policy by going through the policy wordings, checking the exclusions, premium rates, deductibles and clarifying any doubts that you might have regarding the same. You can also check travel insurance reviews, of the various plans offered by insurance provider, and compare them before you settle on your desired plan.…

Using Top Quality Landscaping Materials for Your Project

Quality Landscapes and Quality Services

A quality landscape can be defined in many different ways. Quality does include good care, quality materials and much more. If you are looking for exceptional landscaping services to help you to maintain your landscaper or start a new project, you may appreciate some good tips to help you find the best services to meet your particular needs.

There are many valuable services to choose from in the landscape business. New landscape designs and quality services are ready to transform your space and create the landscape of your dreams.

Choosing the Right Landscape Services and Company

A good landscape business will have the ability to offer a complete evaluation to you in order to help you to determine which services will be most beneficial. The assessment or the overview will come with a bid or a list of costs. Before you actually hire a company, you can gather information about the business and decide if it is the right business to manage your project. Keep in mind, every landscaping business will have a large variety of different services to offer. Start with the following tips to find the right company to hire:

  • make sure the business is bonded and insured
  • read their online reviews and ask for references from other customers
  • find out how long the company has been in business
  • find out if the business offers a guarantee for work completed
  • inquire about materials and equipment that they will be using

There is much to know about any business prior to hiring them for your project. A credible and trustworthy business will be fully transparent and will provide clear communication every step of the way. They will use top quality landscape materials to ensure durability and quality. The credible company will inform its customers of all information before starting a job.

Common Landscaping Services

The landscaping business covers a broad range of services and can complete many different landscape projects. The following are some examples of commonly requested projects:

  • lawn care and regular maintenance: this may include lawn mowing, planting, weeding, watering, and general lawn care,
  • landscape designs; this may include patios, sidewalks, drainage and irrigation, fountains and many other design requests
  • maintenance; this can include sprinkler systems, low voltage lighting, many tree and pruning options
  • sod installation
  • green landscaping options
  • more

This is a list of some common landscaping services. The professionals will be very glad to assist customers to determine which services will best meet their, overall, landscaping needs.

Landscape Materials do Matter

Top-quality landscape materials ought to be a priority for every landscape project. The following is a sample of commonly used landscape materials. Every project can offer 100 percent satisfaction to customers when quality materials are included. A sample of necessary materials:

  • mulches
  • soils, compost, and peat
  • sand gravels
  • cobblestone and decorative gravels
  • flagstone and saw-cut stone
  • builders stone
  • boulders
  • concrete and masonry
  • various other supplies

The credible landscape business will have the ability to offer quality materials and they will be straightforward with prices and product information. Customers can request information and ask where materials are purchased from. Obtaining information about the materials that will be used for their landscape project will allow you to make informed decisions.

The qualified landscape professional will have the ability to offer a large variety of options. Typically, a customer can browse through the pictures and images in order to select the right sizes, shapes, and colors to match their project and area. When you have the right quality materials and qualified landscapers on the job, you will end up with the landscape of your dreams.