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Fast Company: RITS Ed makes iPad
the gadget that’s preserving agricultural traditions.

USAID: Exprima and Sustainable’s iPad App
the most anthropologically astute ag app on the market today.

Exprima Media has partnered with Sustainable Harvest, a coffee importing business based in Portland, Oregon. Sustainable Harvest brings together all the members of the coffee supply chain – from the farmer to the final consumer – to create a sustainable economic model that serves everyone. Part of the Sustainable Harvest mission is to provide education for coffee farmers; their educational programs aim to improve quality of life as well as the quality (and marketability) of their coffee.

Towards this end, Sustainable Harvest worked with Exprima Media to create an enterprise iPad app that staff can use to deliver educational videos to remote coffee farmers in Mexico, Peru, and Tanzania. The in-house app delivers educational content in three languages: English, Spanish, and Swahili. Currently, the app features videos and information about coffee agronomy, food security, and coffee business. Future plans for the app include health-related content and social media feature for coffee farmers from around the globe.

The RITS Ed app being used to educate farmers in Tanzania

The RITS Ed app being used to educate farmers in Tanzania

This iPad app represents, in our opinion, the best of what the iPad has to offer: easy access to well-designed educational content. Few things are more empowering than information, and few things more alarming than the asymmetrical access to information evident on a global scale. Mobile technology has the potential to modulate the situation by affording previously impossible opportunities to distribute knowledge.

Allied with user-centered design, these technologies represent a new era of global information diffusion. The activities of organizations like Celedu, The Grameen Foundation, Click Diagnostics, and Sustainable Harvest (just to name a few) are clear indications of with what can be accomplished with the powerful alloy of good technology, good business, and good design.

Fresh Cup Read about the Sustainable Harvest app in the June issue of Fresh Cup Magazine – pages 21-23!

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