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Exprima works with you to envision, design, and implement your digital strategies, products, and services.


Founded by former anthropology
professor Corey Pressman, Exprima combines thinking from the disciplines
of cultural anthropology and interaction design with nearly a decade of experience envisioning and enacting digital strategies for clients large and small.


Exprima's methods of discovery and
design are behind a number of products
and projects. Applied to whole business models or to specific apps and websites,
our digital strategy work allows you to design, develop, and deploy your digital products and services with clarity, confidence, and continuity.


Corey frequently speaks at industry conferences and private business events about digital strategy, the future of
reading, interaction design, and global mobile initiatives.
  • "Inventive, inclusive, and erudite are three traits among many that Corey Pressman brings to ed-tech software and content design consulting. His scholarly depth is balanced by market-oriented creative instincts. Best of all, as a consultant, he brings together all the voices in the room for true collaborative ideation. Exprima is a worthy business investment."

    - Jeff Larsen, CEO, In The Telling

  • "Exprima Media’s wide range of expertise was a valuable asset in our RFP development effort, and Corey and his team are a pleasure to work with."

    - Susan Luu, Junior Achievement USA®

  • "Accolades have poured in for the RITS. USAID’s Global Broadband and Innovations Program named the RITS apps one of the “FIVE Most Fascinating Ag Apps of 2011!”
    hailing it as “the most anthropologically astute ag app on the market today.”"

    - USAID

  • "The success of our web redesign is in great part due to the creative and thoughtful planning, structure, and guidance of the Exprima team, who collaborated with partners inside and out of the Museum to help transform our website into what a Museum site should be: easy to use, fun, and beautiful!"

    - Maggie Hanson, Portland Art Museum

  • "[Anatomy & Physiology REVEALED] has photographs of an actual human cadaver,
    which can be uncovered with a “layering” technique that lets students take a closer
    look at more than 5000 anatomical structures. It’s both awesome and gross."

    - MacWorld

  • "Score another point for the iPad: the gadget that’s preserving agricultural traditions."

    - http://www.fastcoexist.com/

  • "What do you get when you mix together a cultural anthropologist, a historian, a media visionary, an interactive design expert, and a standup comedian? Corey possesses a skill
    rare among speakers - he pays attention to every audience he stands in front of. He is a conference curator's dream."

    - Kat Meyer, Frankfurt Book Fair